happy accident- an outfit post

DSC_0016 DSC_0017 DSC_0018vest {Gap}, tee {Old Navy}, scarf {H&M}, jeans {old, Forever 21}, booties {Old Navy}, lip {Maybelline, Mauve Madness} DSC_0037 DSC_0021 DSC_0022 DSC_0027 DSC_0054 DSC_0060 DSC_0066

This combo happened entirely by chance. Last Friday morning I couldn’t find the sweater I had planned on wearing so I just kept pulling random other things until the outfit felt right. Sometimes it’s fun to go at your closet with no plan at all and just see what happens. {disclaimer, sometimes you leave the house looking ridiculous. Cue the bulky sweater mishap of 2011}


a much belated wedding recap

Wedding week 1

When we were deciding what “look” we wanted for our wedding, I knew I wanted to play with the concrete industrial feel of our venue set against a very floral, romantic, Gatsby feel. I wanted a lot of greenery and candlelight, big blooms and luminescent glass bowls.

A.) Details (38) A.) Details (17) A.) Details (39) A.) Details (9) A.) Details (10) A.) Details (15) H.) Reception (91)

Taking Stock

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Borrowed this wonderful idea from Sydney over at The Daybook, who borrowed it from Pip.

Making: Time to remember my blessings.
Cooking: Not a whole lot. One day I’ll remember to plan ahead.
Drinking: Iced Coffee. Even though, yes fall has arrived in the south.
Reading: A dozen books at once.
Wanting: To go on an adventure with my other half.
Looking: At a sea of sticky notes on my desk with notes that don’t make sense.
Playing: Maybe this is what I need to be spending some time on.
Wasting: Water Bottles. I’m the queen of one sip then losing it.
Sewing: Nothing. Shocking.
Wishing: For a quiet evening watching dusk sneak in and wrap up the world in velvet hands.
Enjoying: Coming home to my best friend every night.
Waiting: For things to settle into place.
Liking: Morning breakfast dates with the best friend I’m not married to, beautiful Lex. “Best Friend is a tier not a person”
Wondering: What the future holds and where we’ll end up.
Loving: 6:30-7:30 AM, somehow that’s become our time. Husband rolls over and pulls me close and holds me tight. For that hour nothing matters.
Hoping: For more faith.
Marveling: At what feels like fall’s overnight arrival and how much easier I can breathe.
Needing: More hours spent in refueling conversations with family and friends.
Smelling: Not a whole heck of a lot. With wonderful fall comes the best fall allergies.
Wearing: Jackets and Sweaters. My favorites.
Following: The narrow path.
Noticing: How much I rush everything.
Knowing: I need to cherish this quiet time when work doesn’t take up my life.
Thinking: About London and how much has changed since I was last there.
Feeling: Nostalgic. Clearly.
Bookmarking: Winter coats. I haven’t bought a new one since 2007 thank you very much.
Opening: Presents this weekend as I belatedly celebrate my birthday with family.
Giggling: Something I don’t usually do, but if there’s one person who can make it happen it’s Husband.
Feeling: Like I’m waiting for something to happen.

A new installment

It’s Pinterest Friday, ya’ll! I hope at least one other person heard Paula Deen’s voice in their head when they read that. Do we still hate her? I can’t remember, I just know she says “ya’ll” with so much feeling.

Anyway, as a new weekly installment on the blog, because if it doesn’t get fall-ish soon I’m procrastinating clothes altogether, I’m going to pull a few of my most repinned or liked pins and chat about them here. Three cheers for a little blog structure!

1. Midi skirts, a pretty obvious fall staple if you ask me, but people LOVED (like almost 300 people) loved this pin. Don’t get me wrong I love it too, great pairings going on in there, but my real inspiration from this pin is the leather midi skirt. Who knew leather could be so unintimidating. Obsessed.095368626d5343d515ab6ab72bf4d3ca 2. The textures in this outfit are perfect. The lace top with that embroidered herringbone skirt and topped with the beaded bracelets is an easy way to add interest to an otherwise simple shirt and skirt ensemble.


3. This is another one that people love, I blame the nail art craze. This tuxedo-ish nail is just enough of a statement for me though. 9ac59c945e772838e6b0b2b376612788

4. C.S. Lewis. What can I say, somehow he just always gets it right, the man sees things in ways most people miss. The smartest man I know! (Nick Miller? Anyone?)


5. Another lovely quote with some beautiful typography, one of my favorite things. This is one that inspires me to live my life differently.


6. Another favorite by far, and I completely agree. I want to be this woman. End of story. Perfect messy pony, gorgeous mix of textiles in that sweater, bold lip, rose gold watch (hey I own that part!), yep it’s the best.e6f8184de9031d45c782226d3442f77e 7. Just an extraordinary moment captured at just the right time.  7922fee6f38a1e8de5b014195f3839eb 8. A favorite recipe, and who doesn’t need a little food inspiration for their weekend?04892e6bf754c2e3bb466e25e7c8b467 9. Honestly, I just think this is hilarious.d5902699b6ab4cfc4768310dbc980878

10. Such a great summer to fall transition outfit for those of us who live in the South where we slow roll our way into cooler temperatures. It’s a real struggle guys.eca1e74000267b33b8abdb54bcae4a91

Quick update!

Hey you guys! Sorry posts have been sparse the last few days. But, I should be receiving the rest of my wedding photos today (yay!) and I am going to work on compiling all my favorites to post for your curious eyes.

In the meantime, here are a few Insta’s from life lately:

 IMG_5209IMG_5252 IMG_5259IMG_5262 IMG_5284 IMG_5294 IMG_5305 IMG_5308 IMG_5315 IMG_5318

Newest Target collab

Well, I believe my budget is going to have a problem. This new collaboration from Phillip Lim for Target is literally everything I ever wanted in my fall wardrobe. Including but not limited to: lingerie, the best sweatpants, and some gorgeous workwear.

scarf-chiffonprint-plw70-697-f-copy french-terry-lt-heather-grey-batc13-pl-w60-276-f-copy charmeuse-chiffon-paper-floral-pl-w33-478-f-copy frenchterry-boomprint-plw29-198-f-copy ponte-perfect-tan-peacoat-pl-w31-258-f-copy night-look-03-016The only downside is the price. Rumors say it’ll be a little different than Target’s normal pricing. So the question is, do you chance it and wait for what’s left after it goes on sale? Or join the masses when it hits shelves in September?

Personally, I haven’t decided yet, but I do know I NEED that superhero sweatshirt and those sweatpants. Okay and maybe that dress. It’s imperative to my wellbeing.

xo, and keep your eyes peeled! Oh, and if you buy it all up in my size because now I’ve let you in on the secret, I may have to kill you.

A quick thought on socks

8f43c7e39e8f893bf6e81173b82269c2 7_9-4p ec7b1abc12cf434bd40821bc37f854dbWHAT THE EFF IS WITH THE SOCKS AND SANDALS!? I know this was like a mildly serious trend months ago, but I still am very confused by it. It’s like okay, lets wear these wonderful shoes that will add height and lengthen my legs. Then, oh wait I know, I’ll add socks so I actually look like a have amputee legs! Perfect!

Someone tell me their thoughts on this. Am I just horribly uncool?