While procrastinating around the internet the other day, I came across Lauren Conrad’s–I know, I know, she’s the best and has perfect hair always–collaborative blog. She recently did a “Tuesday Ten” post about style tips for May and one of the pieces she highlighted was a gingham shirt. 1d209ae850fad806aa153b81954b3747And BAM just like that the power of suggestion made me want to love my gingham shirt again! But if we’re being honest, I feel a little farm girl Susie when I just wear it with jeans. Maybe it’s because mine isn’t slouchy enough, or a brighter blue, but I do not feel as chic as that femme up there clearly does. So I did what any good J. Crew loving fashion blogger would do, I added a statement earring. photoEver since the whole statement necklace trend came on the scene I’ve been obsessed. Complete an outfit with one accessory? Count me in. But let’s be honest again here for a second, those statement necklaces can be heavy…and hot when it’s over 70 degrees. Enter the statement earring! Another plus is these beauties tend to be a couple dollars less than their necklace sisters–win win.

The ones I’m wearing I picked up at Francesca’s a few months ago. I love the colors and mix of textures, surprisingly, that’s what makes them so wearable. Here are a few others I’ve been crushing on to get me through the rest of the summer (all photos linked to sources)….

ba4ffac5d81e48dc66af3f38c817f97b similarcab4b1af23351247b37da39f8e07e1e7 5192fda0577fbca4f8c26b84eaffc0fd d2548fddd163c6514d9e03c9052aaf78 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These last two are from my dear friend Lonnie’s shop. She collects gorgeous handcrafted, one of a kind pieces from all over the world. Do yourself a favor and spend some time in her online shop and find something truly unique.