2013 was a big one you guys. Driving home from the office today I found myself thinking about what all happened this year. The obvious one is that I married my very best friend, and I will always remember 2013 for that. But what about everything else? As much as I want to remember 2013 for getting married, I want to remember it for more than that. Because you guys, regardless of my most diva like days, 2013 was not all about my wedding. You’re shocked, I know.

I had some pretty big personal changes and adventures this year that had nothing to do with getting married. Like getting my first “adult job” (I should find a different phrase there maybe), losing that first job, and then by the grace of God getting my second job. Which is entirely different than the first in so many ways. But more on that later, I promise.

My mom, my sister and I traveled to San Francisco, our first cross country trip. That was an adventure and a half. Let me tell you, SF is nothing like NYC or London. Don’t compare them, it’s a completely different and beautiful city. My little kid sister started college (trust me it’s still super weird), my husband graduated from college, several sweet friends got married, oh and I had to start paying all my own bills (with the help of husband of course). This year I became what I always called a “grown up” when I was little and I realized that I had no idea what that really meant. So cheers to 2014 and wherever life takes us next!

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