It’s been a while internet friends. And I’m hoping to have some big changes to share with you in the next few weeks (or months), but really all you need to know is that it means I should be blogging more regularly beginning in 2014. Praise the Lord. It’s going to be scary for a little while, but hopefully good in the end since I’ll be doing more of what I love.

So, in the meantime here are a few Insta’s and photos from life lately! IMG_5545Delicious date nightsIMG_5701

We’ve been using the heck out of our fireplace lately. Such a fun way to make a weeknight a bit more exciting. And yeah, I have way took much stuff on my mantle. IMG_5696A fiery dirty windshield sunsetIMG_5689 IMG_5671This is my cat. She is getting all kinds of fat…IMG_5656Playing with texture combinations for fallIMG_5629Trying to work out a gallery wall layout. This was version 3, I think. I’m way too OCD for this nonsense.