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Borrowed this wonderful idea from Sydney over at The Daybook, who borrowed it from Pip.

Making: Time to remember my blessings.
Cooking: Not a whole lot. One day I’ll remember to plan ahead.
Drinking: Iced Coffee. Even though, yes fall has arrived in the south.
Reading: A dozen books at once.
Wanting: To go on an adventure with my other half.
Looking: At a sea of sticky notes on my desk with notes that don’t make sense.
Playing: Maybe this is what I need to be spending some time on.
Wasting: Water Bottles. I’m the queen of one sip then losing it.
Sewing: Nothing. Shocking.
Wishing: For a quiet evening watching dusk sneak in and wrap up the world in velvet hands.
Enjoying: Coming home to my best friend every night.
Waiting: For things to settle into place.
Liking: Morning breakfast dates with the best friend I’m not married to, beautiful Lex. “Best Friend is a tier not a person”
Wondering: What the future holds and where we’ll end up.
Loving: 6:30-7:30 AM, somehow that’s become our time. Husband rolls over and pulls me close and holds me tight. For that hour nothing matters.
Hoping: For more faith.
Marveling: At what feels like fall’s overnight arrival and how much easier I can breathe.
Needing: More hours spent in refueling conversations with family and friends.
Smelling: Not a whole heck of a lot. With wonderful fall comes the best fall allergies.
Wearing: Jackets and Sweaters. My favorites.
Following: The narrow path.
Noticing: How much I rush everything.
Knowing: I need to cherish this quiet time when work doesn’t take up my life.
Thinking: About London and how much has changed since I was last there.
Feeling: Nostalgic. Clearly.
Bookmarking: Winter coats. I haven’t bought a new one since 2007 thank you very much.
Opening: Presents this weekend as I belatedly celebrate my birthday with family.
Giggling: Something I don’t usually do, but if there’s one person who can make it happen it’s Husband.
Feeling: Like I’m waiting for something to happen.