It’s Pinterest Friday, ya’ll! I hope at least one other person heard Paula Deen’s voice in their head when they read that. Do we still hate her? I can’t remember, I just know she says “ya’ll” with so much feeling.

Anyway, as a new weekly installment on the blog, because if it doesn’t get fall-ish soon I’m procrastinating clothes altogether, I’m going to pull a few of my most repinned or liked pins and chat about them here. Three cheers for a little blog structure!

1. Midi skirts, a pretty obvious fall staple if you ask me, but people LOVED (like almost 300 people) loved this pin. Don’t get me wrong I love it too, great pairings going on in there, but my real inspiration from this pin is the leather midi skirt. Who knew leather could be so unintimidating. Obsessed.095368626d5343d515ab6ab72bf4d3ca 2. The textures in this outfit are perfect. The lace top with that embroidered herringbone skirt and topped with the beaded bracelets is an easy way to add interest to an otherwise simple shirt and skirt ensemble.


3. This is another one that people love, I blame the nail art craze. This tuxedo-ish nail is just enough of a statement for me though. 9ac59c945e772838e6b0b2b376612788

4. C.S. Lewis. What can I say, somehow he just always gets it right, the man sees things in ways most people miss. The smartest man I know! (Nick Miller? Anyone?)


5. Another lovely quote with some beautiful typography, one of my favorite things. This is one that inspires me to live my life differently.


6. Another favorite by far, and I completely agree. I want to be this woman. End of story. Perfect messy pony, gorgeous mix of textiles in that sweater, bold lip, rose gold watch (hey I own that part!), yep it’s the best.e6f8184de9031d45c782226d3442f77e 7. Just an extraordinary moment captured at just the right time.  7922fee6f38a1e8de5b014195f3839eb 8. A favorite recipe, and who doesn’t need a little food inspiration for their weekend?04892e6bf754c2e3bb466e25e7c8b467 9. Honestly, I just think this is hilarious.d5902699b6ab4cfc4768310dbc980878

10. Such a great summer to fall transition outfit for those of us who live in the South where we slow roll our way into cooler temperatures. It’s a real struggle guys.eca1e74000267b33b8abdb54bcae4a91