Well, I believe my budget is going to have a problem. This new collaboration from Phillip Lim for Target is literally everything I ever wanted in my fall wardrobe. Including but not limited to: lingerie, the best sweatpants, and some gorgeous workwear.

scarf-chiffonprint-plw70-697-f-copy french-terry-lt-heather-grey-batc13-pl-w60-276-f-copy charmeuse-chiffon-paper-floral-pl-w33-478-f-copy frenchterry-boomprint-plw29-198-f-copy ponte-perfect-tan-peacoat-pl-w31-258-f-copy night-look-03-016The only downside is the price. Rumors say it’ll be a little different than Target’s normal pricing. So the question is, do you chance it and wait for what’s left after it goes on sale? Or join the masses when it hits shelves in September?

Personally, I haven’t decided yet, but I do know I NEED that superhero sweatshirt and those sweatpants. Okay and maybe that dress. It’s imperative to my wellbeing.

xo, and keep your eyes peeled! Oh, and if you buy it all up in my size because now I’ve let you in on the secret, I may have to kill you.