What does it take to be inspired? Solid (beautifully designed) words on a page or a screen? A photo that captures exactly where you wish you could be, although that could be depressing or inspiring depending on the timing. Usually it leaves me feeling dissatisfied. That happens a lot actually (oh by the way apparently it’s truth day here at wild roses. Yippee for you), I often find myself thinking “wow, if I could be there I would be happy. I would be inspired and content”. But that’s no way to live your life. It puts me in a bad mood and a sad mood. But no more. I have decided that these things that leave me wanting more will now inspire me to keep working and keep pushing and dreaming. Because one day I’ll get there. If I truly want it. If it’s the dream I’m holding on to, then it’ll happen.

So here we go. I’m choosing joy and inspiration. Starting with these pictures below. I hope you all have a lovely Thursday and find some inspiration for yourselves. xx

Sunset-Florence1Although Husband will beg to differ, the above photo is here because I couldn’t take my eyes off the building and street behind that man. The way the sun is bathing everything in a blanket of golden light. That right there is inspiring. Not sure what exactly it’s inspiring me to do, other than travel to somewhere amazing and too expensive for my newlywed life, but I like it. 62813ParisBW9083Web72213LV0112Web162013skirt1585web1A. This is my life and B. It’s just a beautiful picture. A moment perfectly captured.

**All photos from Sartorialist and all photos linked back to their original posts.