Well it’s official! As of July 13, I am married to my best friend and the man I love more than anything. Here are a few pictures that we’ve gotten from our photographer {if you’re in NC, look up Gambol Photography. They are an amazing newlywed husband and wife team. We loved them and super affordable!} I’ll sort through and post more favorites when I get the rest of them.

946599_10151804968514369_1064414327_nThe above photo is of our first dance that a sweet friend captured. Complete with my slightly rakish undone bun and everything.61799_557434780969376_572585786_n 71856_557434614302726_1205395374_n 1017298_557434484302739_1111370482_n And I have to tell you about this too. PJ planned a “first look” moment for us, but without the actual looking part. I walked into the room and he was playing guitar and singing the song we danced to when we got engaged and blended it with our last dance song. The above picture is of me straight balling my eyes out, which started as soon as I walked in the door.1016715_557434367636084_1775581472_n 1002241_557434374302750_2120632017_n - CopyIt all evened out. He cried too. 1044073_557434754302712_1345245405_n 1013975_557434897636031_628639755_n 1011955_557434710969383_1106928459_n 1002753_557434527636068_2141318386_n 998350_557434634302724_433462080_n 994834_557434907636030_1752641040_n 993300_557434790969375_1471284736_n 1012210_557434874302700_34356088_n 1004766_557434914302696_1971317447_n**If the photos show up blurry on your monitor, tablet, screen, etc. try clicking on them. It helps. I can’t wait for those high quality images!