I decided to go ahead and start figuring out clothes to bring to San Francisco {we leave Sunday!} So here are the items I think I’m bringing, I’m trying to pack at least a little light. But let’s be real, I’m going to add extra things at the end. I always do. IMG_4680Plane outfit {wear your bulkiest things} cardigan (which is actually hot pink)-Gap, tee-Old Navy, jeans- J. Crew, hat- Forever 21, shoes- Salvatore Ferragamo (thrifted)
IMG_4679 Bottoms: red pants- Forever 21, gray jeans- thrifted, boyfriend jeans- Abercrombie and Fitch, black mini skirt- thrifted, cut offs- old Levi’sIMG_4681 Tops: black tee- Target, gray lace sweatshirt- Anthropologie, striped long sleeve tee- H&M, floral button up tank- Target, silk button-down- J. CrewIMG_4682 Outerlayers: sweater- Old Navy, jean jacket- Old Navy, potentially a trench coat- H&MIMG_4683Shoes and accessories: wingtips- Salvatore Ferragamo (thrifted), sandals- Levi’s, wedges- Aldo, scarf- gifted, plus some jewelry I’ll throw in last minute

I have come to realize after uploading these photos that I really wish I had better lighting in my little room, and that my (new) contacts mess up the way I see color. I mean seriously, it’s bad. I swear I’m a good editor kids, it’s not my fault!

And of course comment with any must see, eat, shop places in SF!!