7d96cd7c72580da9f86345de9787dabdA few thoughts on weddings and wedding planning as fiancé and I’s day gets closer:

  1. what am I supposed to do with my hair.
  2. planning out the evening by the minute really makes you realize how fast the day is going to go.
  3. it also is the most stressful part of planning.
  4. it’s good to start wrapping your head around the day not going perfectly as planned. And things looking a little different than they do in your head. You mean my wedding won’t look like a scene from a Baz Luhrman film? No, most definitely no. But it will be amazing no matter what, because you’re marrying your best friend.
  5. I am more excited about the marriage that comes after the wedding than the wedding itself. Which is a much better thing than I realized.
  6. I procrastinate. Always. Even with my wedding. Oops.
  7. PJ and I have agreed, if we could do it again we would elope. But still with a pretty wedding dress for me of course. Can’t give that up.

Just a few things I thought about today. I am beyond excited to marry my very best friend and the man who makes my everyday brighter. And our wedding will be amazing.