Today at work I thought to myself, I wonder if my style has changed any? I mean I pray to God it has matured and I don’t dress like a teenager anymore, but the overall style that I enjoy and am drawn to? i don’t think that’s changed a whole lot. So to solve this question, I turned to my “Imaginary Wardrobe” Pinterest board. {naturally} And I scrolled through all the images I’ve pinned since I first got Pinterest {all 1,000 of them}. And this is what I found.  f100c4c19b5d120d4da6c61819970764 d641c20dd5b828d3715100971ca7c5e2 77d03ed12825158a2ecb74155649e2a3These first three images are three of the first “style” images I pinned to the board. High waisted shorts, flowy skirts, classic. Not bad, I’m not too ashamed. Definitely simple, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Then I looked at the latest three images I pinned to the board:

dcc61e6a0eef3060e02445f8e0962f6a 8a72699329bcbcfbec190b24d6413c80 7755ef612ea8960218a1f3bfb3c1049bA butt load of neutrals and pattern mixing. {Also not to be ashamed of}. The overall silhouettes are mostly the same. Flowy skirts, androgynous button downs and cropped pants. I would say that’s pretty consistent to what I dress like now.

So while on this “quest” this is what I learned. {1} I repinned some of the same images 3 to 4 times. Oops. {2} I was always interested in pattern mixing. That’s probably because my mom is an Interior Designer. {3} I have all but given up on convincing myself that I like dresses and skirts as much as pants. Sorry, it’s just the truth. This summer heat is helping me along though…

Oh, and I’ve always loved Paris style. {duh}7a9d6a507b5f316e6f6b7f2c09a01e8cSo apparently there’s my style in a nutshell. Leave it to Pinterest to expose us for who we are.


**Most images linked back to sources. Some to Pinterest.