a35654d7be3736d5603b45e08b9d0ce7 Well it’s official! PJ and I applied and (got) our first apartment! We take possession in early June! (And since I’ll be away when we do, PJ says he’ll do the moving himself. You may now applaud. Yes, he is the best fiancé ever. In case you can’t tell I hate unpacking)ced6f2769927eaee4f21bf390a0ce71e 7a88f7957b462f6e349e6c33d65bcfde 1eb2a42a826e4c6cd823fafb1da75997 676a0d851830e63fdd0dc1f1a30f3f55 I love this color palette. Definitely looking at the pale smoke and soot. Not sure fiancé will go for the pink :p8ef13778520b5b8147256beb024220d5Visit my pinterest pages (Decor & Home) to see my ideas for the place. I’m already thinking paint colors and PJ gave the go ahead on a chevron stripe in the living room! That ladies and gentlemen is success.

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