10 things you didn’t know about me:23719160572

  1. I spent the first two years of my life in Germany. My dad was in the army.
  2. I hate heights, but I have to test myself by always walking out to the edge.
  3. I’m a huge rule breaker (much to fiance’s chagrin). But only the rules I think are pointless
  4. I will quit any craft or DIY that requires an excessive amount of cutting things out. I hate scissors.
  5. I sound really southern when I’m really angry or excited. Otherwise no accent to speak of.
  6.  My biggest “secret” dream is to be able to sing and play an instrument in a band with my soon to be husband. Drew and Ellie Holcomb style.
  7. Not closing lids after someone is done with something makes me want to smack somebody.
  8. Harry Potter is my biggest sentimental memory. It’s also the thing I know the most facts about.
  9. I wrote a detective novel when I was 8, but lost it somewhere.
  10. I think tattoo sleeves are stupid. Except on Adam Levine.
  11. Oh, and if you read the title of this post in Quirrell’s voice I’ll love you forever.