IMG_0002 IMG_0001IMG_0004There are times in your life that you can feel the change. You can see a little ways down the road and see how this period of your life will change you. It’s molding time. Everything and everyone in my life seems to need a little bit more of me. I have a little less time for everyone, but I have to give more. It’s all ver confusing, but good I think.

In the midst of this crazy, my sweet man was able to come to see me for the weekend. We were able to do some solid wedding planning and actually talk. Something that’s been more difficult than we thought it would be during this long distance period. This time apart, all the planning and settling in and changes, it’s going to leave its mark on us. But I’m banking on it being for the better.

Now, do I have pictures of anything form this weekend? No, no I do not. Only a blurry mirror picture as I ran out the door, and a tea bag (but that’s from today). OH! and my mom’s wedding dress. I tried that on this weekend, I looked like a Barbie. It was fantastic.