Thanks Kendi for posting this lovely quote!

Well I guess I am a pretty trustworthy person, I’m on week three of this new big girl job and they left me in charge of the office for a week (go Renee!). So I have been in charge of my own days and making sure everything gets done. And I have good news for you dears still working your tails off in college land, your professors expect a crap ton more from you than your employers. Now don’t take this as one of your future adult world commandments or anything (I’m only in my first job here and my department wasn’t your department), but there will be days when you will get all your work done in two measly hours and then you just sit. Yep, they have paid me to create a Pinterest account and pin things. So if you’re considering staying in college forever, DON’T DO IT IF YOU DON’T HAVE TO! You’re working much harder now and with much higher expectations.

And now a new segment called “What did Renee do all day?”

  • Checked voicemails (there weren’t any)
  • Searched for good music for the day
  • Checked email (also none. I’m not very popular yet)
  • Gave someone a phone number
  • Walked around because I think I have restless legs syndrome
  • Pinterest
  • new music
  • Called some folks and talked about floors from the Renaissance (yeah if you guys want to know about hardwood floors, you hit me up okay?)
  • Researched bloggers (AKA looked at blogs)

And yeah it goes on like that all day, mostly flipping between Facebook, blogs, and phone calls. Oh and I forgot to add “look at confusing notes written yesterday that must be in a cryptic code I invented on a whim because 201 ABfG has to mean something right?”

And some music for your day!