Hello boys and girls, hope you’re all doing well. Clearly I suck at this blogging thing. I truly cannot use school as an excuse any longer either, I am graduated. Like, big girl PR job, new laptop, manning the office by myself graduated. But I’m not going to apologize and grovel for neglecting this place. Maybe I’m not cut out to be a famous blogger. Maybe I just haven’t found what I want to share. At one point I needed it. I needed a place to write things down and feel like I was a part of something. It shaped me, inspired me, made me realize a lot about myself. Be it from the clothes I wear to the things I believe in and want to do with my life, this blog helped me figure it out.

Now I’m at an entirely new stage in my life. I started this when I was a FRESHMAN people! I was 18 years old, now I’m 21 and about to get married. Say what?! I’m thinking that maybe it’s time to use this space again. I don’t know what it’ll be and who will read it, but I think I need a place to be me and record these changes. I need a place to breathe and take a break from planning my life and my wedding and marketing options and which bloggers to pursue (sorry that’s job stuff again. PR isn’t all glitz and glam) and just record life. So here I go, I’m not going to do it to make my blog super popular, I want it to be for me. So follow along if you like, I would love to have you. I can’t promise I’ll post all the time and I can’t promise I’ll always have pictures (still no camera people), but this time is for me.

It’s time to write again.

Cliche favorite some right now, but it’s really where I am in my life. Oh Phillip Phillips, boy of two first names, you speak to my soul. Now, a few pictures of my office building and life lately IMG_3520 IMG_3567 Lookin’ classy for my best friend’s birthdayIMG_3589 First day of work outfitIMG_3590 Olive Wood Flooring. This is what I do all day. Gorgeous right?IMG_3627 IMG_3641 My office building. It’s a converted textile mill218495019391148569_Y5TwEC32_cAnd these my dears are my wedding colors. Yep, I picked them from flowers. Could I be anymore difficult? Here’s a hint, the dresses are the dark blue in the center of the flowers.