There have been dozens of posts today from bloggers with and without children. I’m one of the ones without children, but I’m still stunned and paralyzed by the Newtown shooting. I can barely comprehend what that community is going through, I can’t even talk about it without crying. Actions like those that happened Friday are a dark spot on our country and our world. They are things that are unforgivable and won’t ever be understood. But they shouldn’t cause us to live in fear and disgust of this place we all call home.

There were a few reports of people taking down Christmas decorations after Friday, but I don’t think feeling guilty that it’s Christmastime is the answer. We need the hope and miracles that come with the season now more than ever. We need God’s peace and love now more than ever. What better time than now to remember and celebrate a baby born to save us all. Who sacrificed himself so we could be truly loved and holy to God.

So even though it’s hard, we can’t lose hope and faith. Faith that there is still good in the world. Faith that we are loved and cared for more than we can ever imagine. Pray for the families of the victims and the shooter. Pray that Christmas can do what it was meant to do. Inspire new hope and a love for those close to us, and for the world. Image