top (sanctuary clothing), jacket (Khols), jeans (Gap), boots (unity by Carlos Santana), necklace (Francesca’s)First of all three cheers for boots weather! Quite possibly the best weather ever. It ushers in the fall breezes and vibrant colors that really can’t be reproduced anywhere else. There’s a level of romanticism to it, the crunch and the damp smell. Don’t wish this away folks. Let it carry you into winter and the twinkly lights that just will people to be sweeter, softer, more like who we were made to be.

Okay, my monologue is over. On another note, I sort of chanced on this outfit today. I never thought this minty blouse would pair so well with my green jeans. I love when that happens. And a special shout out and thanks to beautiful Haley for taking these fantastic pictures for me. She’s a pro.

Last side note, I’m engaged!!!!!! I had planned on doing a whole post about it, but I haven’t gotten all the pictures together yet. Soooooo here ya go, call this an unofficial official engagement announcement (there will be an official one with the story eventually). I couldn’t be happier, I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend who I love more than absolutely anything.