*This is my lovely college campus from the building I basically live in.


  • Walking the wrong way down the hall…on the wrong floor…in the building I’ve had class everyday in since Freshman year.
  • Picking up my books and throwing any sense of care to the wind and kicking my backpack in front of me down the line. No shame people, no shame.
  • Spewing fro-yo out of my mouth thanks to my bestie Alexis (the lovely newlywed) and something I apparently found hilarious. 20 year-old me-0, 2 year-old me-1
  • Talking to a baby and making them cry. Consistently horrifyingly awkward


  • Taking both a Pilates and Ballet class this semester. I am going to look so good when I graduate!
  • Signing up for graduation. Here we go real life, you and me.
  • Finishing up the last two nights of dance tryouts for fall shows at my campus. It’s great to see how much I’ve grown as a dancer since the first time I tried out.
  • Reuniting with friends who make me laugh.
  • Some much needed girl time. Oh the conversations that get started with 4 college girls (especially when one just got married and another is engaged. You know what I’m talking about)

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