So something this glitzy may seem a bit over the top for the average person, and I agree, I couldn’t rock this everyday. But the idea of a glitzy top and distressed denim is spot on and not that hard to accomplish at a level you’re comfortable with! Think gold stripes, or some gold sequins scattered here and there. Not so scary right?

Side note: isn’t her hair wonderful? So perfectly messy. Another great idea, gold on the bottom! I love a gold skirt paired with this crisp button down. Definitely fall ready!

Now, for those like me living on a college kid budget, here are some DIY’s!!

Super easy, white-t, gold stay paint. Go! (pic is linked to the full instructions.)For a seriously little touch of gold for everyday, try this easy bracelet. All you need is some sort of cord, this image has suede cord (super easy to find at Michaels) and some hex nuts, preferably a smaller size. Spray paint said hex nuts and braid them into the cord. This is a pretty good tutorial