So here are the supplies needed for this technique. I use Suave dry shampoo, this really cheap hair spray I mooched off of someone at a dance thing, a curling iron (mine is 1″), a hairdryer, and bobby pins. I know, it sounds intense. It is.

Step 1: pull out a section of your hair and spray it with the dry shampoo. Then, without using the clamp on the curling iron, wrap your hair around the barrel and hold it for a bit.

Step 2: Remove iron and coil hair into a loop in the direction of the curl and bobby pin it to secure (like in the image below). Step 3: leave the little loops and continue curling the remaining hair, placing each curl into a loop.

Step 4: Take your hairdryer, on low and cool, and gently hit the loops with the cold air. This sets the curl and closes your hair follicles. Next, lightly spray hair with hairspray and either let it dry, or hit it with a little warm air from your blow dryer to set the hairspray.

Step 5: Take all your loops out and gently play with them until they look the way you want, then spray one last time.

Step 6: TA DA! Perfect-ish, loose curls that really stay. My hair was even still wavy/curly after I brushed it out and slept on it. So it worked well for me!

Disclaimer: Don’t judge my naked face. I literally rolled out of bed and decided to try curling my hair. Make-up was not a priority.