Online shopping will be the death of me. Ok, maybe just my wallet. But it really does make it almost too easy to buy new things. You can shop at your leisure, without anyone pressing in on you to see the racks, and you don’t have to reassemble your outfit every time you find something to try on (but that may just be my problem). Even though I love people, and I love stumbling on cute little shops with unique items, and surprise things on sale, online shopping makes it almost too easy, with Forever 21 being the easiest.

For example, I bought these yesterday in twenty minutes flat. I knew I wanted “silk” pants, I knew I wanted red pants, and knew I was broke. Hello F21. Thank you for solving all my problems. Do you ever fall into the traps of online shopping? I once read an article about people “drunk shopping”. They would wake up with confirmation emails and random chotskies at their doors a few days later.  As long as those people are around, I guess I’m not that bad after all.