jacket(borrowed), shirt(Forever 21), jeans (blank NYC vis TJ Maxx), belt(Forever 21), sunnies(vintage), shoes(NY&C-old) This is outfit day two from London. It was probably the best weather we had the entire trip and we had a ball. Lunch in St. James Park (my favorite park by the way), a tour of Kensington Palace, and an evening walk by the Thames.

Warning: from here there are about 25 more pictures from my little trip, including some lovely Paris shots. You can leave now, or endure more photos that aren’t as good as they could be. Up to you. (Although some of them did actually turn out quite well) Maybe one day I’ll have a story day from London/Paris. One involves a clown. My lovely friend and photographer of the day, Haley of Outings and Oxfords. Love her! An evening stroll along the Thames. And street performers that terrified Haley and were a bit too friendly with me. Some decor from the Louboutin shoe exhibit at the Design Museum. Amazing. My beautiful blurry travel companions. Love. A lovely day in Paris. Ok that’s a lie. It was cold. My first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower. Notre Dame.The sparkle. Our apartment for the week (well the night for me).My very French breakfast waiting for my plane.