Happy Friday! Hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend. Hope everyone is less stressed than me. Hope everyone is less anxious than me. Hope Ok I’m done. Sorry about that.

Amidst last minute summer plan changes and a countdown to all assignments due and my quick Europe trip (14 days to go people!) I have begun losing hair and sleep (ok not really the hair part. But the sleep is definitely true), but I’m at the finish line. I can make it. Maybe. So to give everyone’s brains a break from hard things, here are a few of my favorite things right now:

This delicately gorgeous wedding cake. It would be so hard to cut it! (But then I would remember it’s cake) A sweet mug and proposal So nifty! Perfect for tea! A gorgeous summer evening outfit Loving the print on this maxi A hairstyle that just might work out for me fantastic buns! last but not least, my favorite quote (and actress) of the moment!

***Not even going to lie, all of these are from my Pinterest. All images are also linked back to the pinned images so you can find the original source that way.