Easter morning my sister and I woke up to bunny shaped cinnamon rolls. Yep, my mom really did do something she saw on Pinterest. I’m impressed too. A bit of my outfit for church. dress (Top Shop), shoes (Target-old)Then there was this man at church. He was thoroughly enjoying the warm weather. Now lets stop judging me for sneaking pictures of people on Easter. I know you all do it too. Outfit number two of the day. top (Gap), skirt (thrifted), shoes (Target-old). Except looking back I’m pretty sure I ended up barefoot or in sandals all day. oops We had this ridiculously good peach sangria with our Easter lunch. Peach chardonnay, peach schnapps, a cup of frozen lemonade concentrate, and a ton of fruit. Make it the night before and let it sit. Voila!And our Easter set up. Two tables in the front yard with azaleas as a backdrop. It was perfect.