Amidst all the family and the food, and the easter eggs and candy, I wanted to take a minute and use this blog for what I originally created it for. If you go to my “about me” section, there’s a video that the pastor of my church in Boone made. It’s all about the phrase “it is finished”. On this Easter Sunday, I think that’s what means the most to me.

The stone was rolled back, the sacrifice was made so we don’t have to strive anymore. We are loved and seen as perfect. In a word, we are Holy. Just take a moment to watch this video. It’s extremely short and might just be the most important thing you’ll ever hear.

Happy Easter loves! I hope you’re spending it with those you love and eating tons of delicious food. (And maybe taking a moment to think about what Easter is really all about). Back to outfit posts tomorrow, have a great holiday!