Sorry for the brief hiatus! I know you’ve missed me. I’ve been super busy, but mostly my wonderful photographer has been really busy. (I am aiming to take outfit photos today!) But in lieu of any outfits to show you, we can talk about my upcoming trip to London and Paris.

In May, I’ll be setting off for London for two days then taking the Chunnel to Paris for another two days. Nothing too long, but hey I’m a broke college student. It’s all I got. So to continue the planning I should be paying more attention to, I will compile the travel must-haves that I’ve figured out so far! **disclaimer, this is subject to change at any point before I leave for Europe.

Part 1 A lot of these images are form Pinterest, but the image on the right for 1 and 4&5 are from Brooklyn Blonde and collaboration with Gap and Refinery 21

Not a bad start if I do say so myself. I’ll include some more basics and some make-up products before I leave.