blazer (H&M), t-shirt (Urban Outfitters), pants (Banana Republic), scarf (H&M), shoes (Target via Goodwill)This is what I wore to Moulin Rouge the ballet last night. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet was doing the first tour of this ballet and they came to Boone! I know, the shock will wear off I promise. I ended up having to go by myself, but it was worth it. I really didn’t even mind. It was a truly amazing show. I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage.

On another note, I got these shoes (boots? booties?) at the opening of a new Goodwill near Boyfriend’s house. From a PR standpoint, I’ll be brief I promise, they did an amazing job. Goodwill had Target and different electronics stores donate their product to the store. These shoes are brand new! And I got them for $8 I think. (yep there’s a fist pump inflection there.)