My Dad and family came up to visit this past weekend before I left for break. The weekend went something like this, Mellow Mushroom for dinner, park at 8 AM the next morning, Grandfather Mountain, lunch at Macados, then wander around campus. Let’s just say I was tired, but it was wonderful to see them.Oh hey Boyfriend eyeing me warily as I hold baby Luke. L is a chubs in the best baby sort of way.Perching waiting for our table at Mellow. And this is Sarah. She likes me I think. I believe this is a preview of motherhood. Many years in the future, if my children want to go to the park before 9 coffee WILL be involved. (Although I think this may have been tea…) Yeah…my eyes are closed in most of these. oops Yes, fudge was involved at Grandfather Elizabeth and babe Yay for family and sorry for eight hundred pictures!