scarf (Gap via gift), blazer (H&M), T-shirt (Old Navy), skirt (H&M), heels (BCBG Paris), belt (thrifted)

And tada! That’s all the pictures I have because I got too cold. 

Maybe I’ve never really thought about it, but my computer is most definitely a girl. I say this because she throws petty little temper tantrums and lets me blindly fumble around until I figure out why. It’s wonderful.

But don’t let this lead you to believe that all my technologies are girls. Because my phone, my lovely little iPhone is a boy. It screws up and frustrates me, then laughs in my face (figuratively, but sometimes literally). Then lovely phone plays nice for a week to try and make up, but ends up doing it all over again a few days later. Obviously I have problems with technology. Don’t judge me.

This past week was beautiful, I could feel spring in the air and I am more than pumped! Then Sunday it got cold. And today it did this: Oh Boone, I wondered where you’d been all winter.