top (gift), sweater (H&M), fur scarf (vintage), jeans (Gap), boots (Zara)

Yes, it did take all my self control not to finish that song. But I figure you all finished it in your own heads anyway so it works out. And yeah, I didn’t have time to take pictures (rather interesting pictures at that) and write a post yesterday so it’s now awkward and awesome Friday too.


  • potentially some of these pictures. But that’s a given.
  • putting my hair in a top knot, only to have it start raining. And guys, in case you were wondering, rain coat hoods don’t fit over top knots.
  • wind. I hate wind, and I’m sure the people at the bus stop today loved seeing me muttering and battling my hair out of my face.


  • that it hasn’t rained as much as it was supposed to. Trust me, it’s a bigger deal than you think.
  • coming up with an outfit (today’s) that was completely my idea. It’s nice to see my own style sometimes.
  • spending an evening just laughing with Boyfriend. snorts and all.

Happy Friday!