A few things:

  1. Happy Friday! I only have to make it until 3!
  2. Classes are hard. I will have no life. The End.
  3. I am going to get some work experience this semester being a media consultant for a non profit!
  4. It has barely snowed in Boone which is extremely odd. I’m jealous of everyone’s snow pictures! Like this one. And this one from a few weeks ago c/o See Jane: 
  5. However I shouldn’t complain because I am a huge fan of the 40 degree days instead of the -15 with a wind-chill days.
  6. This beautiful excerpt from a book I want to read but probably shouldn’t. Epilogue by Anne Roiphe
  7. Finding an outfit on Pinterest that I actually own all the elements of (more or less): 
  8. And a recently found haircut/style goal for my hair: Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!