blazer (H&M), shirt (Loft), scarf (gift), jeans (Banana Republic)

I have my first grown up job interview today! It’s for a Public Relations internship and I’m praying it works out! Keep your fingers crossed!

Anyway, this is my interview outfit. Like it? I thought it was a good mix of creative and professional. Please note my curly hair, I’m rather proud of it.This is my new hat from my sister. One if my favorite Christmas presents. Now I just have to figure out how to wear it…And a hand warmer mug from Boyfriend’s family. I always wanted one! Speaking of Boyfriend, his gift was definitely the best! It’s wonderful. And with that teaser, I’ll post a picture later!

Well I’m off! I’ll be at a CRU conference the rest of the week so no more blog posts. Hence this quick one before I leave. Don’t forget about my little blog! I’ll be back!

Have a wonderful week!