(brindy decided she wanted to help)(blazer-H&M, shirt-borrowed, skirt-H&M via NYC, shoes-borrowed, necklace-Loft)

One thing doing this post just made me realize is that I don’t own all the clothes to complete an outfit. hmm this could pose a problem when i graduate… Also lets ignore my desperate need of a haircut.

Tonight, mom, Kelly, and I went to Santa Land Diaries at Triad Stage. (It was hilarious btw) So I took the opportunity to get dressed up (read: wear heels, which happened to be the most comfortable heels I’ve worn in forever). Since I live in hilly Boone, I don’t get to do it very often. It was great. And I felt very adult in my sparkly shirt and heels. (Apparently it’s that easy to make me feel dressed up.)

Merry Christmas!!