1. Lets start with these pictures. I love going through pictures from photo shoots I’m in. Not because I’m vain and like to see how awesome I look. No, I enjoy it because of pictures like these. Here’s some strategic captions of what I was most likely thinking: picture 1: “Oh yeah, this looks cool right? a little Voguing is always cute” picture 2: “BOOM” (I hope you just read that in the voice of the woman in the Black Friday commercial)
  2. Rain for three days in a row. I apparently don’t function in rain. I opt for hats.
  3. My eventful day at the DMV. I became instantly thankful for how small Boone is. I needed to get the title switched to my name on my new (to me) car. So, I go to King St. Can’t find DMV. Use iPhone to find DMV. Drive there. Walk in. Man runs my info does all his stuff. Tells me it’ll be $100.30. I open purse. Checkbook has no checks in it (because NC doesn’t allow the DMV to take debit cards). Leave DMV and drive back to apartment. Get checkbook. Drive to DMV. Walk in. Give lady all my stuff. Write check. Lady says she needs $5 cash as well. Guess who doesn’t have cash. Anyway it went on like this for about 3 hours. By the end the man called me a “regular”. SCORE!
  4. Learning I don’t exhale when I give presentations. That should be fun later in life.


  1. How nice the DMV people are here. We’re basically BFFs now.
  2. Impromptu photoshoots with my blogger roomie. Right before the rain started too I might add.
  3. Going to a White Elephant party with my small group and leaving with the gift I brought. (Might have planned that)
  4. Knowing I have ZERO more formal class meetings this semester. Can I get a WOOP WOOP?!
  5. Going to NYC in two weeks. Can’t wait, it’s my favorite city in the US! (Sorry Boyfriend, you’ll have to work hard to sell me on Chicago)
  6. SNOW! I appreciate it so much more after all that rain
  7. Home cooked meals at restaurants with my best friend!
  8. These necklaces. So stinkin cool! They’re Morse Code!