Denim button-down (Banana Republic sale), sweater (Target via Mom’s closet), necklace (Loft), Black jeans (Gap), Boots (Frye via lovely Haley…we traded shoes) Over the weekend, Hales, Lex and I did a little fashion photoshoot for a lovely mutual friend English. She asked for models and we obliged. We had a ball together and I tried to pick a few (I use that term loosely) of my favorites. I’m in the process of getting the originals so they aren’t blurry. All in all I think they all turned out pretty great. But Boyfriend will always be my favorite photographer ; )

P to the S, the reason the title is Mulan Bun, is because Boyfriend oh so lovingly coined it this way. Looking back, I suppose it was one of my roundest buns to date.

Happy Monday! It’s almost Thanksgiving! Check out Outings and Oxfords (click on Haley or Hales) for a few more pictures and more of my rather crazy weekend. Lets just say I snuggled with fruit.