It finally snowed! It has never taken this long to snow in Boone. Ever. I was getting worried. So naturally, I wore my new dress with daisy’s on it. Duh. (Thanks for the dress Bonnie Barton!) Also, I would like to add that this dress did not fly up about my waist one time today despite Boone winds. That right there gives it serious wardrobe points.

Goodness has it been a long week. Just a bit of advice, do not put off work for Tuesday that you’ll then have to have done by Thursday. Because guess what? You’ll have the same amount of work due for Thursday, plus the stuff you put off from Tuesday. Makes sense right?

On that note, you lovely readers missed out on an outfit post that I took pictures for and everything. So, here’s a bonus outfit. (I was feeling very European. Think Parisian maybe?) Happy Friday!

(Sadly I think I need a new camera…mine are coming out fuzzier and fuzzier. Bummer)