Today Boyfriend and I went on a little date. We went to the outlets and he picked out new clothes (including two really awesome skinny ties from j. crew that I wish I had snagged a picture of) and I bought black skinny jeans for Christmas and a new striped turtleneck. Gap jeans, J. Crew turtleneck (they’re grey stripes by the way)

Yay for new outlet finds! After a little shopping and some fun clothes shopping for Boyfriend, we went to Cheeseburger Grill. And it was delicious, nice and greasy.

Now, in case you’re wondering why there are no pictures at all of this little date. It’s kinda for a cute reason. Boyfriend decided that we would have a phoneless date. Meaning we talked to each other instead of being on our mobile devices. It was kinda nice and really sweet.

I hope your weekends were wonderful! Enjoy your Mondays!