• Remember last week when I actually posted outfit pictures? Yeah, my back porch faces a guy’s apartment’s back porch. Guess who watched that whole process?
  • Scuffing the heck out of my new favorite boots as I fell up the stairs. Embarrassing and upsetting.
  • When “that hopelessly socially awkward guy” in my class started talking and three of us almost passed out from holding in laughter. “O” had to leave the room. (I guess that’s almost awesome)


  • Fall weather. It was beautiful Monday and Tuesday up here. It’s gone now, but still.
  • Having some time to myself Tuesday morning. It was wonderful to sit on a bench drinking coffee and just enjoying my college campus.
  • Some bonding with my “co-dancers”. It’ll make tech week that much better.
  • Wonderful and much needed conversation with my best friend. She keeps me sane.
  • Boyfriend’s haircut. That’s more his awesome, but I had to throw that in.

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