Well yesterday last weekend was my 20th birthday. Here are some awkward pictures to prove it… (note even at 20, I still choose to eat with the teeny fork, because ya know it’s cool and all)

I am no longer a teenager. I am no longer a child… It’s kind of an odd feeling. But at the same time I’ve felt 20, or at least I thought I did, as soon as all my friends turned 20. My mom and Kell-Bell came up on that Saturday and we went on a little tiny hike, because the day was gorgeous.

I told them to gaze off into the distance. Aren’t I a creative photographer? (that’s sarcasm folks)Lovely sisterwho then almost fell in the small river/creek. Naturally. Also there is no style action going on here. The best things about this outfit would have to be my hair, it’s my current hairstyle obsession, and those new tennis shoes. Which I’ve now worn exactly twice…Boone’s kinda purty. I do love it, mostly for views like this.