Well it’s official. Despite my joy at coming back to dear old America and not having to deal with any language or culture blocks (I only went to London I know I know, but things were different thank you very much! As I noted here things i’ve learned) I am ready to go back. I miss it desperately and I hate to say it….but I have the travel bug. (gasp)

This isn’t such a big thing I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, but travel is money. Money I do not have. Therefore, these dreams of traveling the world are more than a little far fetched. But hey, if you don’t have the dream and set the goal it definitely won’t happen right? Right.

My current travel obsession is Thailand. I know, random. But look at these pictures (courtesy of 5 inch and up)

And isn’t she just lovely? I recently found her blog, it’s really great.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have to go to Thailand at New Years…because then I would get to set free one of the gorgeous lanterns I’m currently obsessed with. This one, the lanterns, whether here in the USofA or in Thailand will come true. It’s top of the list.

Well lovelies, that’s where I’m at right now. As I sit in little old North Carolina, I dream of countries across the world (and also just Chicago and London), but I am inspired to go find my own bit of paradise in the beautiful mountains. This year, I will hike more (and like it! You just watch)

(old pictures! I look so little, and not especially amused…)

Have a delightful weekend!