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  • My knack of picking out incredibly sad novels and finishing them in public as I cry my eyes out. Why yes, I am sitting in the corner with tears running down my face. And yes, it is because of this book. (Side-note: You should read “One Day”. It’s sad, but oh so wonderful. The description on the back does not do it justice.
  • These pictures, I haven’t quite figured out outfit pictures yet
  • Walking into a bathroom with a new-ish friend, in the middle of a normal conversation, only to find that this person is a stall talker. You know, the people that have no qualms about the minor personal space issue that continuing a conversation while using the bathroom creates. Why yes, I did see that movie, but no we do NOT have to keep talking about this over the sounds of our pee sesh.


  • Playing on the Disney Princess website with my sister. Oh to relive my childhood.
  • Classes starting back up in two weeks, I’m oddly excited
  • Spending hours in Barnes and Noble. Reading in a comfy chair and sipping on an Iced Chai. It’s my new favorite way to spend the day.
  • And just because I can’t not say it… I get to see the Boy (PJ) Saturday night (hopefully) and let me just say it can not come fast enough.

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