In lieu of a job, I have decided to compile all of my crafting desires into one week’s worth of projects. I know, not at all close to having a job. But I will potentially expand my wardrobe and maybe spend less money than if I bought these things new in a store. We’ll see. I tend to be a lot of talk when it comes to crafting. It takes a certain level of boredom mixed with the right amount of motivation for me to actually get something done. Like the anthropologie-esque necklace. That was a good day.

So today I will collect supplies for the following projects that I have stolen from a combination of friend’s blogs and pinterest.

I’m thinking using the technique of this one paired with a little elastic in the waste

And fingers crossed a light weight or silky men’s button down to achieve something close to this

Goodwill, Michael’s, and WalMart (because I’m out of books of course and they have them cheap) here I come!

*note to self, make sure sewing machine is actually working…*

There will be pictures if I actually do these things!