This weekend I got to see the somewhat long lost portion of my family. Not having seen them in six months to a year qualifies them as a bit long and lost. Today was crazy and exhausting in the way that only a four year-old and a one year-old can produce. I love them both and it was refreshing to spend some time with the little ones. 

1. Teaching Sarah the art of “Freddi the Fish” aka my childhood. 2. Me and Luke (aka Little Man) 3. Big grins all around. He’s such a sweet boy. 4. “Granni D” (dad’s mom)  showing me pictures. 5. Julian (dad’s step dad) grilling me about London Renaissance history. This went on all day p.s. So if you wanted to ask me anything about London history the answer is no, I will absolutely on pains of death not talk about it. 6. Little Man and his new birthday ball 7. The sissies 8. The Ham 9. Little Man and a face full of cake 10. The Redd gang