hello lovelies, first of all I have yet another blog to add to my list of addictive time wasters. At this rate I will never have to think of my own outfit ever again! (my mind can rest and numbly follow what others come up with, hooray!)

she is just the cutest and her outfits are to die for! (click on the picture for a link to her site)

In other news, I think this man may perhaps be my new favorite NY Times writer. He’s shockingly witty and not at all dull. Granted the article is about beards…but then I love beards. So long as they aren’t mangy and homeless-like.


He is the husband of  (same with this one, click on the picture to visit)And her blog is wonderful too. It’s another on my list.

Enjoy your Fridays! I know I’m sighing in relief even though it’s summer and as of now I do nothing all day. I need a job….

I hope these tidbits give you something new to look at!

Cheers! (sorry the British rubbed off on me)