So over the course of three weeks I have experienced, seen, eaten, and walked a lot (and slept none). I’ve also learned several things about London and British people in general that is just plain weird.

First, they eat a lot of sandwiches. And I mean a lot. There is at least one restaurant serving premade sandwiches on every block. They’re good, but I swear I never thought in my life I would consume that many sandwiches in a week.

They do NOT believe in internet. Seriously it is not free anywhere! And the only places it is free it just disappears every few minutes so it really isn’t possible to do anything. These British must not value their internet like we do.

And in the way of free things, you have to pay the hotel we’re staying at to weigh your bags for you. And here I was thinking it would just be the common courtesy to weigh a guest at your hotel’s bags if you have the scale to do it. Silly me.

There is not an option for “separate checks” in ANY restaurant. Whenever I would ask at the beginning of the trip the waiters (who very very rarely spoke English) would look at me and just ask “what?” over and over again!

Restaurants in general are actually rather weird. There were usually a grand total of three people working there who spoke English and naturally they weren’t ever my waiter. So essentially, meals were very….eventful. One good story though was the night we went to Pizza Express and the waiter (good-naturedly) got a bit sassy with us and mimicked the way we said Fanta (with the hard “a”, they love their round vowels here)

The small button on toilets. There is not a handle, it’s always one big button, or a big button and a small button next to it. what does the freakin little button do? is is a bede? the portal to ministry of magic?? I do not know.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have had an amazing time and I absolutely love it here and could see myself living in London. But geez-louise there is some weird stuff here I just do not understand. I am ready to be home where no one (ok much fewer people) look at me like I’m making no sense. I can’t wait to be back with everyone at home who loves me.