• driving all the way out to the kids I nannied house to pick up board games I forgot…only for no one to be home.
  • being asked if I would be willing to make more of the flower necklaces I made a few days ago to sell…but then finding out that the place isn’t selling any jewelry anymore. Naturally, I already started making them. oops.
  • asking the people working at Michaels where everything was. I didn’t even bother looking for it. They loved me.
  • stopping at a red light with my windows down and the man in the car next to me striking up a conversation…about bears. I guess that’s what I get for having a bear bumper sticker on my car.
  • walking up to Starbucks only to realize that I have no idea where the door is. They had re-done the store and I couldn’t find the door. The people sitting outside were very amused by my standing and staring.


  • my hair is pretty blonde again and my bangs are back and not stupid looking! YAY!
  • getting to see my beautiful roomies last weekend
  • heading to Asheville with said roomies and planning on putting feather extensions in our hair Friday night! So get excited for that.
  • seeing the Boyfriend Sunday and just getting to talk and be with him for a few hours.
  • finding a pretty olive green silk shirt and a black midi skirt…two things I’ve been looking for!
  • leaving for London on Monday! (that means I should probably start packing…)
  • my next awkward and awesome post will be from London!

Which leads me to what this blog is going to be for the next three weeks. I’ll use this blog to post some pictures and the stories from my time in London. I’m not sure how often I’ll post anything, but hopefully at least a few pictures every night!