On Sunday, I was able to go to my church in Boone that I absolutely love. It was so refreshing to be back there and experience that church again.

One thing that was talked about and that really stuck in my head was about worrying. We all worry and I’ve heard numerous people speak on it and offer advice and whatnot. But this was different. This went right to the heart of it. God does not worry about our problems.  

I know that sounds incredibly cold and unloving from a God that loves bigger than we could ever imagine. But think about it. Worrying implies a sense of unknown. A sense that God doesn’t know what’s going to happen. But He does! Of course He does! God knows exactly what’s going to happen and He already has it planned. He already knows that it will all work out for our good and ultimately for His good and His glory. And ya know? Deep down we know that too. We know that God has it all planned and that it’ll all be okay. Even brilliantly wonderful.