All dressed up for Broadway at the Beach…except we didn’t ever make it there after we realized it was 30 minutes away. We opted for mini golf and ice cream instead. The mini golfing was interesting, the boys in front of us were hilarious and kept dipping their clubs in the neon blue water “for luck.” After mini golf, we decided ice cream was needed. But so did everyone else mini golfing. So we speed J-walked our way there. Despite the odd looks, we beat them. So that’s what matters right? Out walking small children? OK good, I thought so.

Me and my beautiful Kell-belle. Such a pretty little sister!

Hooray for summer tank tops and sea breezes!

This was the sweetest little deli. It’s right over the bridge from Ocean Isle.  It was so colorful and cute, and the food was delicious! Sorry, I didn’t get a picture of that part.

I just fell in love with all the beautiful fresh flowers and the vibrant colors paired with the breezy white.